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Expert Landscaping Services for Ballarat, Victoria

Ballarat Landscaping Services is Ballarat’s top rated landscaper, sculpting your Ballarat yard to last a lifetime and offering no-hassle free quotes:

  • We Know Ballarat’s Climate
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Ballarat Owned, Ballarat Loved. Ballarat Landscaping Services is your locally trusted Landscaping Professionals!!

Having plenty of experience in the landscaping industry as one of Ballarat’s best landscaping companies, our team of expert landscapers is excited to take on new and bold landscaping projects. We provide quality landscaping services in Ballarat and surrounding areas for residential and commercial properties. We would love to talk! (03) 5907 1001.

What Makes Us Different?

Enjoyment of your Ballarat landscape depends on the simplicity and beauty of the design, as well as the quality of the construction. To get the results you want, you must have the right materials, the right tools, attention to detail, and the know-how to get the job done right – first time. Our experienced landscapers possess the precision and attention to detail required for a job well done! Here at Ballarat Landscaping Services, we use our expertise to create a piece of outdoor art that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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Talk to a local Ballarat team member now! Give us a call or fill out the simple contact form on this site and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

Free Estimates

We proudly provide quotes for your Ballarat landscaping projects that come with a no hassle, no obligation guarantee. All day, every day!


We offer a comprehensive range of landscaping services in Ballarat. Should you need a service that isn’t listed, let us know!

Ballarat Landscaping Services We Provide

Landscaping Services



A rewarding landscape begins with a plan, tailored to your specifications, project requirements and aesthetic appeal. Let us do the grunt work for you. Nothing is too hard for our dedicated team.

Stone Retaining Wall

Retaining Walls


Our attentive and thorough team of experts are highly skilled at recommending and installing the best retaining wall solution for your situation.

Brick Garden Edging

Garden Edging


Garden edging is like the frame of a picture. Done well it provides a nice crisp border between garden beds and other areas.

Garden Sprinkler and Irrigation System

Sprinklers & Irrigation Systems


A poor watering schedule or no watering schedule at all can lead to poor plant growth or dead and dying plants.

Garden landscaping

Garden Landscaping


Front yard landscaping, back yard landscaping and budget landscaping – bring it on! We do it all to make your property a thing of beauty that stands out from the crowd.

Landscaping design

Landscape Design


A good landscape design provides a beautiful environment for you and your family to enjoy, provides privacy and can reduce your stress levels. Backyard design and front yard design are our specialty.

The services above are only some of our comprehensive landscaper capabilities. For example, we also offer Pool Landscaping, Garden Design and Landscape Lighting. If you don’t see the service you are looking for give us a call and ask! We’ve mastered landscaping in Ballarat, so we’re sure to be able to fulfill your request!

Your Hometown Ballarat Landscaper Experts

Want to know more about Ballarat Landscaping Services and what makes us the best landscaping company in Ballarat? Ballarat Landscaping Services knows that for your business or home to look its best, your grounds need personal attention. Not sure how you would start? Haven’t got the right tools and equipment? Not up to the manual labor? Why not let us handle it all for you? Our comprehensive array of landscaping and horticultural services makes Ballarat Landscaping Services your “one-stop-shop”. In other words, no matter whether your property is commercial or residential, we take care of all your landscaping needs.