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Landscape Design

Landscaping design with a bridge and water feature

Landscape Design Services For Ballarat

Landscape design is a misunderstood art. Many residents of Ballarat assume landscapers simply do plant layout for foundation beds or small residential garden. That’s only part of the story! Landscape design covers not only plants, but walkways, patios, walls, and lighting! So a landscape designer needs detailed knowledge of plants, different landscaping options, drainage, lighting, and construction practices. All of these elements are important aspects of a well thought out landscape. That’s a lot of specialist knowledge! Therefore, it’s important to hire someone who specializes in landscape design to design your dream outdoor space. Someone like the expert team at Ballarat Landscaping Services!

Working at Ballarat Landscaping Services means being part of a full service landscape design and build company. We offer the full spectrum of landscape services from landscape design, to installation of hardscapes and gardens, as well as maintenance of planting beds and lawns. Our custom landscape designs won’t break the bank. Then, when we build, we use quality products and deliver outstanding quality. Any landscape design built by Ballarat Landscaping Services will add value to your home as well as curb appeal.

How We Can Help

We are a fully licensed and insured landscaping company in Ballarat, Tasmania. We offer a wide range of services which including a landscaping design service that delivers an integrated landscape plan that covers:

  • site assessment
  • hardscaping options
  • plant choices
  • outdoor living space design
  • irrigation and drainage considerations
  • implementation costs and delivery plan

We offer the full spectrum of landscaping design services so that you know you are receiving everything you want in one place. Give us a call today for your free quote!

Site Assessment

The first, and most basic service we offer is a site assessment. We’ll come to your property and examine it the soil, any slope, look for drainage problems, and take into account the shape of the block, positioning of buildings, site challenges, and sight lines – what can you see? What do you want people on the outside to see? Then we’ll talk to you and determine how to create the kind space you will enjoy. The key to this is to determine how can we add value. Are you looking for comfort, safety, or curb appeal for a future sale? Finally, we start to How can we incorporate all the elements that you, the property owner are looking for. Is you heart set on specific plants, pavers, or even raised beds for vegetables?

Hardscaping Options

Hardscaping is the hard stuff in your yard: think concrete, bricks, paving, retaining walls, water features etc. It’s good practice to hardscape first since this usually involve construction, which can compact your soil or damage turf and plantings. Hardscaping often provides boundaries and structure for you landscape. It als reduces potential erosion and keeps the ground in tact.

Plant Choices

Also known as softscaping, the choice of plants for your garden involves not only aesthetics but also function such as providing a screen, creating a feature, blocking unwanted views, or stabilizing a soil bank. Of course, your choices are often constrained by Ballarat’s climate, planting position, amount of sun and soil type. We can not only help with your plant selection, we can source and supply them for you.

Outdoor Living Space Design

We can help work out your outdoor living area requirements. How would a patio or outdoor room fit? Perhaps you’re after a pool for the kids? What about an attractive deck area? Do you love to entertain around a meal? The solution could be a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, pizza oven or bbq area. Finally, how about some lighting for safety and to create that perfect ambiance?

Irrigation and Drainage

An effective watering system is a crucial feature of your landscape. Drip systems, sprinkler systems, custom irrigation systems – we’re experts in them all and can recommend the best solution for your property.

Similarly drainage must be considered – after all, too much water can be just as bad as too little. We’ll help you to determine if you need a drainage system and if you do, choose the most appropriate one. From french drain systems, to building a soakaway, installation of a sump and pump system, to the construction of a bund flood defense – we can do it all.

Implementation Costs And Delivery Plan

Once we’ve come up with a design that delights you we’ll work out a fully costed plan for our talented team of landscapers to deliver your landscaping project. We’ll take into account your budget and may recommend doing the work in phases to allow you to more comfortably afford to build your customized oasis.

Contact us today to schedule your free quote on all our landscaping design services. Our landscapers will come to your home or commercial property to understand your needs and discuss your options. We’re here to help, so contact us to learn more about our services today!

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